Laundry Renovation

laundry renovation

A laundry room is considered to be the most hardworking part of the house, and in turn, it is also the one easily worn out. To give your laundry room a new life, a laundry renovation is just the thing it needs. All it takes is a well-planned renovation project and the best company to do it. Luckily, Townsville Bathroom Renovations can do everything for you, from designing until maintaining your laundry room.

Not only that, a properly renovated laundry room also guarantees a more efficient working space for you to do your laundry and other chores. Also, your laundry area can be installed with more storage cabinets for your detergents and other cleaning agents.

As what our track record shows; we have had performed amazing laundry renovations over our years in this industry. Thus, with Townsville Bathroom Renovations, you can always expect excellent results all the time. In our entire renovation project we always follow the following:

  • We maintain open and professional communication with our clients.
  • We are particular to details and follow each of the project specifications.
  • We offer honest prices and quality services.
  • We outsource the best materials from reputable manufacturers.
  • We have post-renovation services that are included in what you paid for.

For all your laundry renovation needs, Townsville Bathroom Renovations is the best place to go. Our expert laundry fitters are trained and experienced to perform the necessary plumbing, carpentry, tiling and other installation services to complete the look of your laundry room in Townsville QLD.

Multiple Bathroom Homes

Having multiple bathrooms in your home is beneficial to you and your family, but it will come to a point that they will need some upgrades to better address your daily needs. Minor repairs may be helpful, but they will only do so little.

Luckily, Townsville Bathroom Renovations is here to help you with your multiple bathroom renovations. The following are some tips to kick-start your multiple bathroom renovation:

  • Establish a working budget.
  • When setting up your budget, be more realistic in covering all costs, and be more practical in saving up on costs without sacrificing the quality.
  • Carefully plan the space.
  • Getting inspiration from magazines, actual renovated bathrooms or on the internet is one way to gather ideas. But beyond the look, fittings and accessories, you also need to consider the plumbing work and waterproofing work needed.
  • Choose only high-quality products.

You can always save up on costs, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that you also need to compromise the quality of the materials. With the best-quality products, you will be saved from incurring repair and maintenance costs.

For all your multiple bathroom renovation needs, only trust Townsville Bathroom Renovations. You can’t let your renovation plan stay that way forever, so give us a call now for more details about multiple bathroom renovations. Our experts are always ready and more than willing to take on your multiple bathroom renovation projects.